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Solutions for maximum productivity

Work has today a completely different facets than a few years ago. The transition from activities with high concentration to team-oriented project work is fluid. Place and time, on open and flexibly designed office space, takes on a new meaning.

With the Cube Line and Silence Cube room in room systems, AOS offers perfect answers to this process and the resulting requirements. The different model series with mature and powerful technology offer the right solution for almost every organizational form. Whether meeting or project area, whether ThinkTank or PhoneBox, there are various equipment options available for a wide variety of needs.

RAUM IN RAUM SOLUTIONS for maximum productivity

Modern office worlds with large open-plan structures offer plenty of space for optimal communication and creative work. Discrete meeting rooms, workplaces that permit undisturbed, focused work, as well as places to retreat to for phone calls are indispensable in everyday office work. AOS has the matching solution at hand for any need: No matter if it is about a meeting cabin for several persons, the think tank or a phone box in customised designs – diverse equipment versions for many different demands are available to you.

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