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Design and sustainability create eternal values


- The AOS claim to design our products sustainably encompasses more than just the selection of the right materials and manufacturing techniques. Decisive for AOS is the entire life cycle of our products, supported by high quality and timeless design. In addition to functionality, performance and costs, the criteria of material separation and recycling as well as repair and maintenance options are becoming increasingly important in the development process. Because the pressing ecological and social challenges of our time oblige us to act in a committed and consistent manner. Since its foundation in 2005, AOS has been producing high-quality and durable products in sustainable series production on the basis of high-quality craftsmanship and a healthy amount of manual work. The basic structure of our highly sound-absorbing absorbers is completely modular. We use 100% pure materials, which are joined together either positively or mechanically.

The consistent avoidance of adhesive joints whenever and wherever possible guarantees reliable and fast disassembly and material separation in a subsequent recycling process. In the end, the decisive factor for the recycling of materials is not only the question of recyclability, but how efficiently the different materials can be separated from each other and returned to the material cycle. It is also a question of economic efficiency. At AOS, these considerations and principles are firmly anchored in the company and are thus consistently applied from the initial idea, through product development, to the final design of a new AOS product.

Sustainable criteria determine the choice of materials - Required technical properties must be fulfilled and match the design of the product in order to minimise its carbon footprint. This includes many criteria such as durability, manufacturing processes, transport routes, material availability, material recycling and, last but not least, safety, which guarantees that the materials we use are harmless to health over the entire period of use.

The AOS wall absorber 55/40 disassembled into its components. The decisive factor for recycling is how efficiently the different materials can be separated from each other and returned to the material cycle.

The virgin sheep's wool used in the AOS Series PUR12 Frame natural, both as acoustic filling material and as visible absorber, not only has excellent acoustic properties, but also has the unique ability to filter and sustainably neutralise room air.

Acoustic polyester nonwoven
– 100 % PES fibres

Polyester nonwoven ...

  • is recyclable by type. 
  • consists of approx. 60 % recycled fibres.
  • is highly sound-absorbing and reduces reverberation.
  • is extremely durable and moisture-resistant.
  • is without chemical additives. 
  • is certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  • is skin-friendly and allergy-friendly.
  • Flame resistance according to DIN 4102: PES fleece B1
Optional: New sheep's wool
–  100 % sustainable

New sheep's wool ...

  • is renewable, natural and regional.
  • is highly sound absorbent and reduces reverberation.
  • is moisture regulating.
  • is non-allergenic.
  • breaks down pollutants.
  • neutralises odours.
  • is permanently biocide-free protected by Ionic Protect®.
  • has an antibacterial effect.
  • is self-cleaning.
  • Fire protection according to EN 13501: Sheep wool insulation D-s2 d0; Sheep wool felt C-s2 d0;
Acoustic knowledge

Room optimization

Room acoustics has become increasingly important in recent years. There are various factors that have a great influence on this matter. First of all the contemporary architecture since the beginning of the classic modernism of the 1930s and the construction physics trends in the 21st century. Furthermore, the high density of jobs, partly in combination with a non-territorial office concept, as well as the desire and the need for open and flexible workplace structures. Depending on the size and condition of the rooms and taking into account the specific type of use, it is important to create optimal acoustic conditions read more ...


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