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8 Mar 2022

Dear readers,

good room acoustic conditions are by no means a given, rather they are the result of well-founded planning and targeted implementation. Measures for sound absorption, sound deflection...

24 Feb 2022
Acoustic concepts: Double office

Today brand-new acoustic concepts: Double office in the "Working worlds" section of the #AOS homepage. Audio samples included, discover them right here!

Small office spaces for 1 to 3 people hardly...

1 Jan 2022
Novelties – fabric collection 2022

Our customers appreciate the diverse and extensive AOS fabric collections with an almost unlimited selection of structures, materials and colours. Many of the fabrics have been an integral part for...

14 Dec 2021
Acoustic concepts: Business Lounge

NEW acoustic concepts for the BusinessLounge in the "Working Environments" section of the #AOS homepage. Discover audio samples included right here!


2 Aug 2021
New section "WORKING WORLDS" on homepage

The new "Working Worlds" section of the AOS homepage offers above all inspiration in the design, planning & conception of future-oriented office spaces. Also with regard to the definition of new...

14 Jun 2021
NEW product development! AOS AgilityWall - the modular board system - also ensures good room acoustics

AgilityWall is a broad product family with the two design lines "Frame" and "Mood", mobile and equipped with a variety of functions and technical features. The fabric-covered elements also ensure good...

7 May 2021
10 *eMAGAZIN / AOS News

Dear readers, 

On average, people in Northern Europe and North America spend 90 percent of their time indoors. This is the result of a study conducted by the opinion researchers of the British YouGov...

2 Mar 2021
Revitalisation of company headquarters Gebr. BECKER GmbH, Wuppertal

With the rectangular AOS acoustic ceiling absorbers mounted directly under the ceiling - outstanding in their acoustic function, yet almost invisible - functional design is combined here with a high...

7 Jan 2021
NEW developed: The AOS product family Screen50

Welcome to the year 2021!

AOS starts into the coming spring with the NEW developed and broad product family Screen50, as ceiling or wall absorber, optionally supplemented with a very high quality LED...

bRaumakustische Maßnahmen Dresden Akustik Office Systeme
13 Jul 2020
VR Bank Dresden-Bautzen eG with a special acoustic concept

The Dresdner Bank building has a special history: built at the beginning of the 20th century in neo-baroque style, the villa burned down completely in 1945, became a makeshift building and was then...


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