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New sheep's wool 100% sustainable

New sheep's wool is a renewable raw material, ecological and recyclable - from nature to nature - and thus 100% sustainable.

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Air purifying for a healthy room climate:

New sheep's wool not only has excellent acoustic properties but also has the unique ability to filter room air and neutralize it sustainably. Used as an acoustic filling material in different product series or as a visible absorber of the PUR12 Frame Nature series, the extraordinary properties of new sheep's wool are a guarantee for pleasant room acoustics and a healthy room climate. The secret behind the ability to clean room air sustainably is keratin, the protein fiber that makes up new sheep's wool. The molecules of amino acid branches are able to absorb and neutralize pollutants such as formaldehyde. 

Scientific evidence: German Wool Research Institute "Absorption and binding of indoor pollutants by wool using the example of formaldehyde, chemisorption of protein reactive air pollutants by wool Diploma thesis Stefan Thome 2006, absorption of air pollutants by new sheep wool

Safety and fire protection:

New sheep's wool from Upper Austria is used - uniquely reliable in terms of safety as well.

Due to the consistent use of 100% new sheep's wool, the special processing technology and the innovative, biocide-free wool protection Ionic Protect, the new sheep's wool acoustic filling achieves the fire protection classification D according to EN 13501-1. 

Highly sound-absorbing:

The good sound-absorbing properties of new sheep's wool are the basis for use in various AOS acoustic walls and wall absorbers.

A multi-layered construction in exactly coordinated dimensions brings the best acoustic results.

The products are so versatile and offer architects and building physicists a great deal of creative freedom.


Wandabsorber Schallabsorber

Humidity regulation:

New sheep's wool has a hygroscopic effect, which means that it adapts very quickly to the ambient humidity around it and absorbs moisture when the humidity in the air is higher than the moisture leveling in the wool. If the room air is too dry, it releases the moisture again.

Renewable and regional:

New sheep's wool comes directly from nature, more precisely from alpine sheep from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It integrates as the only natural filling material for absorbers to 100% in the life cycle.

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"Acoustic filling with new sheep's wool"

Acoustic knowledge

Room optimization

Room acoustics has become increasingly important in recent years. There are various factors that have a great influence on this matter. First of all the contemporary architecture since the beginning of the classic modernism of the 1930s and the construction physics trends in the 21st century. Furthermore, the high density of jobs, partly in combination with a non-territorial office concept, as well as the desire and the need for open and flexible workplace structures. Depending on the size and condition of the rooms and taking into account the specific type of use, it is important to create optimal acoustic conditions read more ...


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