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More room comfort and unlimited design options

At 54 meters high, the Perron tower is the second tallest building in the city of Salzburg. The 15-storey tower is adjoined by a five-storey flat building 120 meters long. The outer shell and load-bearing structures of the tower and nave were planned for the building contractor, the company Bodner-Bau / Perron GmbH, from the Salzburger office Halle 1 and built on a 15 meter wide building site between the main station and the Nelböck viaduct. The entire interior planning in the area of ​​the Sparkasse premises was carried out by Objektmanagement GmbH and ARGE Neutor GmbH / Arch. Schabelreiter. The term "Perron" derives from Old German and means "platform". This points to the immediate proximity to the Salzburg central station, since the building is accessible from the platform level as well as from the opposite Rainerstraße at ground level.


At the beginning of the second quarter of 2019, Salzburger Sparkasse opened its new home in the business quarter of the Perron building for all business units and the corporate customer center of the city of Salzburg. With about 150 employees, Salzburger Sparkasse uses more than 3,700 sqm spread over 3 floors in the newly constructed longhouse. The architecture and quality of the office space as well as the house and building technology correspond to the special position and importance of the location. The employees were involved in the conception and design of the new office space. For example, a test area was constructed in the old building to ensure optimal implementation. Acoustic partitions series AOS Silence Line were used to structure the workstations and implement optimal room acoustics conditions on the open office space. Fully upholstered acoustic walls made of 100% recycled polyester, are not only highly functional but also form a harmonious unit with the flooring and real wood surfaces.


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