Structuring the Room

Protective Screens@work

Nießschutz Hustenschutz Spuckschutz Schutzwand
Structuring the Room

Protective Screens@work

Hygieneschutz-Scheibe  Schutzblende Schutzdisplay
Structuring the Room

Protective Screens@work

Structuring the Room

Glass topper screen

Structuring the Room

Silence Line glass partitions

Structuring the Room

Prime Line combination with glass topper screen

Structuring the Room

Prime Line acoustic partitions

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Workplace Protective Screens
In times of great uncertainty and worries about the Corona pandemic, safety and personal protection at work take on a new quality.

With high quality design and function AOS Protective Screens succeed in shielding single workplaces, but also entire working areas safely. AOS Protective Screens made of 6 mm single-pane safety glass have a high-quality finish and smoothly grinding and rounded edges. AOS Protective Screens are available in 4 different variants. As desk-mounted element, as a behind-desk element, an on-cabinet element or a suspended screen element which can be mounted individually.


2 Structuring the Room

Best suited as protective screens are both AOS acoustic partitions with glass topper screens and AOS glass partitions.

The AOS Prime Line and Silence Line series offer various equipment variants. As an optional extra, glass topper screens increase the insulation while maintaining the lines of vision within the space. Hence the AOS partition systems ensure the best spatial acoustics for both safety and efficiency in the workplace. Best suited especially for room situatuions with a high protection level are the AOS glass partitions and partially glazed walls.

Schreibtisch Schutzscheibe Sicherheit im Büro
Hygienekonzept Office Büro Schutzblende
Trennwand für Arbeitsplätze Infektionsschutz
Schutzwand Hygiene Hustenschutz Nießschutz Büro
Spuckschutz im Büro Pendelwand
Hygiene-Schutzwände Trennwand Sicherheitsglas
Schutzwände als Spuckschutz am Büroarbeitsplatz
Arbeitsplatz-Schutzblende Sicherheitsglas Virusschutz
Technical data sheets

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Foliation motifs

With the foiling motifs "partly satinised" and "mikado" we offer an additional option of visual screening and further individualisation of the workplace protective screens. The motifs can be applied flexibly to all models (except on-cabinet & counter top protective screen with cut-out).


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