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More room comfort and unlimited design options

As the family firm TRUMPF advanced to become a global player in the fields of machine tools, laser technology and electronics, the company headquarters in Ditzingen increasingly morphed into a high-tech campus. In 2018 a new workplace concept was installed in one of the buildings: the AOS system Prime Line also boasts excellent acoustics. Since the mid-1990s several buildings based on designs by the Berlin firm of architects Barkow Leibinger have been built for TRUMPF in Ditzingen in the state of Baden-Württemberg. As the company grew, the site on which the headquarters stood became ever more extensive, and the company also acquired locations around the world. In the east of the company’s Ditzingen site architects designed a customer and employeeoriented campus comprising administration buildings, a training center and a company restaurant. In 2003 the Sales and Service Center was commissioned there; conceived as an open office world extending over nine levels that are offset against one another, it brings together all the sales activities under one roof. In the spacious foyer visitors have an opportunity to find out about the company and can learn more about the company’s know-how in the showroom that is accessed via an underground corridor.

In order to introduce new work concepts such as desk-sharing, in 2018 the Sales and Service Center was remodeled so that the new TRUMPF Office Workplace Concept, which until then had only been in place in one of the company’s buildings, could also be used there. With the new concept, workspaces that are not needed are transformed into meeting and conference areas. This frees up space for concentrated working, discussions and the exchange of ideas. An attendance count and other studies had revealed that only 50-73 percent of workplaces were occupied at any one time. The area freed up by the desk sharing and free seating concept enables new furnishing concepts intended to foster communication, concentration and creativity. Whereas previously, informal talks were often a source of disruption and bothered colleagues who needed to concentrate on their work, there are now cubes, alcoves, and meeting points designated for informal chats. It goes without saying that these new elements can also be used for work requiring particular concentration, and longer phone calls. The AOS Prime Line partition system is an important element in this open-space concept. It enables an open plan area to be easily divided into appropriate units and ensures the excellent acoustic quality needed for a high level of concentration. The sound-absorbing partitions and desk screens were adapted to suit the color concept – a classic gray dominates in the work zones, metal in the meeting cabins. Workspaces with height-adjustable desks face the window side, while the lockers for employees’ personal items and work utensils are close to the movement zones.


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