Acoustic Concepts

Business Centre Plaza

Acoustic Concepts

Business Centre Plaza

Acoustic Concepts

Business Centre Plaza

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With its informal character, the Business Centre Plaza offers space for relaxed meetings but also retreats for concentrated work phases. The integration of touch-down workstations offers a compact and needs-based infrastructure, geared towards temporary use. The furnishing concept supports spontaneous meetings and project discussions and invites an informal exchange of ideas.

The clear and open design creates transparency and a flowing transition to the adjacent work zones. High-quality fabrics and materials as well as acoustically optimally equipped and positioned furniture and absorbers create an inspiring and ergonomically excellent environment.

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'Agile Working'

Initial situation

A coffee or team area located in the centre of the office space supports informal communication and interdepartmental collaboration. For this to be successful in the long term, a clear conceptual elaboration is required, taking into account, among other things, the room's acoustic qualities. If this is not taken into account, as shown in the adjacent design, then these areas will only be accepted to a very limited extent.

Offen und Transparent
- akustisch problematisch -

Business Centre Plaza 1.1

Open but with a clear structure and a perfect acoustic concept, this area offers different meeting and working zones for up to 12 people. The work sofa, from the AOS Silence Point series, invites a casual exchange of ideas and provides the necessary acoustic shielding towards the standing counter. The geometry of the Screen50 LED and Kiesel50 ceiling absorbers emphasises the respective zone and at the same time harmonises with the wall absorbers from this series. LED technology integrated into the ceiling absorbers supports the room structure and ensures atmospheric illumination of the work zones.

Business Centre Plaza 1.2

Creative and informal in design but with a clear message to all users. The partial area equipped with acoustic seating elements and sofas, as well as with the AOS series AgilityWall, is an invitation to informal communication and interdepartmental collaboration. At the same time, it sets a counterpoint to the standing counter with adjoining kitchenette. High-performance wall and ceiling absorbers form a connection without dissolving the creative tension field.

Business Centre Plaza 1.3

At the centre of the tripartite layout is an open area with movable seating elements and a mobile presentation wall. These are aligned with a centrally positioned screen, ideally equipped with innovative media technology. The standing counter equipped with bar stools can be flexibly included in this area or used independently as required. For independent use, additional mobile walls of the AOS series AgilityWall can be used and positioned precisely. An acoustically and visually well-screened island for informal meetings is formed by the Silence Point Work with integrated work table and electrification. This is also ideally suited as a touchdown workstation with a generous amount of space.


Room optimization

Room acoustics has become increasingly important in recent years. There are various factors that have a great influence on this matter. First of all the contemporary architecture since the beginning of the classic modernism of the 1930s and the construction physics trends in the 21st century. Furthermore, the high density of jobs, partly in combination with a non-territorial office concept, as well as the desire and the need for open and flexible workplace structures. Depending on the size and condition of the rooms and taking into account the specific type of use, it is important to create optimal acoustic conditions read more ...


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