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Köger Technik GmbH has been active in metalworking since 1986. State-of-the-art technology, maximum precision and close contact with customers and suppliers are the decisive values that already stand for the 2nd generation of Köger Technik GmbH. With a steady growth, investments in a new company building and in modern workplaces followed. The office workplaces are acoustically optimised by the AOS absorbers of the Screen50 series for ceiling and wall. At the same time, the LED downlight system integrated in the ceiling absorbers ensures the best lighting conditions at the workplace.

In the spacious reception area with its high ceilings, acoustic wall absorbers from the AOS Screen50 and Kiesel50 series concentrate the background noise. The meeting and team area is located on the first floor, open and flooded with light. Flexible and agile working is supported by the mobile elements of the AOS series AgilityWall Mood. In addition to various acoustically effective seating cubes, "TouchDown" seating elements from the AOS Silence Point series are also used. The Screen50 LED ceiling absorbers round off the room acoustics and lighting design as an overall concept. In this way, Köger Technik GmbH is able to create a wide variety of functional work zones and at the same time contribute to the company's success with a professional appearance in front of customers and suppliers.


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