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We don’t make off-the-peg products.
We only produce each element when the order has come in.

From the word go, the founders of AOS have attached great value to the vertical range of manufacture. They aspire to only purchase raw materials and to perform all process steps on site with their own staff. Production takes place in three halls in Schopfloch in central Franconia. This is where the aluminium profiles (which are developed in-house) are processed and cut to size, the fabrics sewn and the textile forms of the acoustic elements made.

AOS aims to be able to respond flexibly to each customer order and ensure quality on site. “We don’t make off-the-peg products,” emphasizes Jürgen Freese. “We only produce each element when the order has come in. It is purely raw materials that we store here in Schopfloch, further processing is solely in our hands.”

AOS has to this day remained a family-run company that is firmly rooted in the region. Flat hierarchies and continual exchange at all levels are part of its success. The company’s continual growth poses no problems for the AOS founders: If demand continues to rise as it has to date, the company can further expand its production lines without losing the character and advantages of a small production facility.


Character and strengths of a manufactory
Flat hierarchies and efficient processes
High craftsmanship
Company location in Schopfloch, Middle Franconia
High quality standards
High production depth
Modern CNC technology
Order-related production
Company location with production in the Middle Franconian Schopfloch


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