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AOS – Passion for excellent acoustics

What is the secret behind the success of AOS? If you look at the company's history, you can't get past the three founders.

AOS began with a conversation at the kitchen table. It was the year 2005, Hans Gregor Riedl, Jürgen Freese and Reinhold Lagoda had met through work and their shared interest in acoustic solutions. At that time, Hans Gregor Riedl, a state-certified mechanical engineer, was running a small design office in the Ansbach district of central Franconia with an attached sample production and small series production. In the immediate vicinity was a company for acoustic solutions, which Riedl supplied with his company: products, individual solutions and initial sample elements. From this relationship he knew Jürgen Freese and Reinhold Lagoda, who worked there as production manager and technical employee respectively. The three of them appreciated each other, sat down one day and decided to found a company together, Akustik Office Systeme GmbH.




There were always difficult years for the office furniture industry, but with AOS things went steadily upwards. "We all knew the business, of course," says Hans Gregor Riedl, now the sole managing partner. "We worked out the first wall elements together and agreed on the details that matter when you want to enter the market for the first time. Then we went into the test room and measured. When the results satisfied us, our products were ready for the market." In essence, this approach has not changed to this day. "It is the requirements and tasks of our customers that drive us to constantly come up with new ideas and product solutions," says Henrik Behnert, responsible for Sales & Marketing since Oct. 2014.

In addition to medium-sized companies and regional banks and savings banks, AOS customers include numerous national and international corporations and public authorities. When it comes to efficient workplace concepts, taking into account room acoustic solutions, the specialists from AOS are in demand.

AOS, with currently over 70 employees, has remained a regionally rooted family business to this day. Flat hierarchies and constant exchange at all levels are part of the success.

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