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Conference Center Kloster Heiligkreuztal in Altheim-Heiligkreuztal

Founded by Cistercian nuns between Ulm and Lake Constance in 1227 and later Gothic in the 16th century, the complex is today the best preserved Cistercian monastery in Upper Swabia. The meeting and event area is housed in historic rooms. The refectory, the former dining room of the Cistercian nuns, equipped with a ribbed vault, is still being used as a dining room for conference and bussiness events. Both the dining room and the large meeting room, equipped with modern media technology, should now be acoustically upgraded. A challenge that should not be underestimated, because it was necessary to preserve the historical elements of the premises and yet define appropriate and effective measures to improve the room acoustics.


In the first step were determined the space requirement and the quality of the sound-absorbing materials with an acoustic calculation based on recommendations of DIN 18041: 2016-03. In the following step, it was necessary to select the appropriate products and to integrate the requirements into the overall design concept of the premises and monastery complex. The conference room was equipped with large-area and high-performance wall absorbers, which have been inconspicuosly integrated into the room architecture thanks to their uniform and plain rectangular format and to the selected fabric quality in 93% virgin wool. Based on this solution, powerful wall absorbers were also used in the refectory on the wall to the cloister in a very elongated rectangle format subtil and inconspicuous. The opposite walls between the windows have ben equipped with wall absorbers partly in digital printing with floral motifs.  


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