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Bakery Rolf & Café Oumünde in Bremen-Aumund

The Rolf Bakery is a 5th generation family business run by brothers Michael and Andreas Rolf-Pissarczyk. The bakery was founded in Bremen Walle in 1899. In the meantime, bread, rolls, cakes, pies and pastries are baked in Ritterhude in a central bakery in the artisan tradition for over 30 branches and sales carts in the region.

The history of the Rolf Bakery is a special one, because it is the history of two family businesses that became one. Since 1974, the family businesses Bäckerei Rolf from Bremen and Stadtbäckerei OHZ have been following the same path, and since 1996 they have shared a bakery in Ritterhude. The common name followed - because simplicity and clarity is and always has been the principle of Bäckerei Rolf.




This principle is also reflected in the furnishings. The furnishing concept is reduced and focuses on a few details. Thus, the objective for AOS was: in addition to harmonious lighting, good acoustics should support the atmosphere of the room and invite customers to feel comfortable and stay longer. With the highly sound-absorbing acoustic cylinders, AOS was able to make an important contribution to a very successful overall concept in the gastronomy area of the Bäckerei Rolf in Ritterhude.


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