Structuring the room

Mood Line 55/40

Structuring the room

Mood Line 55/40

Structuring the room

Mood Line 55/40

Structuring the room

Mood Line 55/40

Structuring the room

Mood Line 55/40

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Cosy-soft, elegant and full of character

It is the small details that make the difference, that lend a product a very personal note. When this is implemented with a great deal of specialist expertise and individual craftsmanship, products are created which are impressive for more than just their functional qualities. The partition system Mood Line is available as a solitary wall (55 mm and 40 mm without connection) and in the wall thickness of 55 mm as system wall, equipped with invisible magnetic connection. The walls are available in 15 different fabric qualities - divided into 5 price groups. Further creative freedom is provided by 6 different quilted fabrics with a choice of more than 200 colors.


Mood Line 55/40 solitaire

The partitions, desk and on-cabinet elements in the Mood Line range are available as solitary in two thicknesses (55 mm and 40 mm) and thus with two different levels of sound absorption. The two design versions offer you a lot of scope for the interior architecture, too. Fully upholstered with rounded corners, soft, cosy and stitched with great attention to detail or with the profiles on the inside. Fabric covered or alternatively powder-coated, matter-of-fact and elegant with their own distinctive character. Equipped with a central powder-coated flat base, the Mood Line partitions are easy to position close to the desk frame, without any danger of stumbling.


Mood Line 55 fully upholstered with magnetic connectors

In its fully upholstered version, the 55 mm thick Mood Line is also available as a partition system. Brilliantly simple – because no tools are required – this partition system offers great scope for different designs, allowing users to create landscapes and perfectly sound-insulated islands of peace and quiet. Invisible, ingeniously positioned magnetic connections allow the partitions to be rearranged flexibly at any time. The partition walls in the system can be connected with one another directly or using the connection posts. This affords planners and architects an unlimited choice of designs and unprecedented flexibility.


Best acoustic qualities thanks to intelligent multi-layer wall construction

The acoustic quality of the Mood Line partitions is the result of intensive research and continuous development. The dimensions and the materials used in the partitions’ intelligent, multi-layer construction can be adapted to the acoustic requirements of each specific room. This not only means an optimum performance in terms of sound absorption but also that, independent of the thickness of the partition (55 mm or 40 mm), Mood Line makes a great contribution to noise insulation at the workplace.


Renewable and 100% sustainable  

Alongside the classic acoustic filler materials – a flame-retardant polyester fleece – Mood Line partitions are also available with a filling made of 100-percent virgin sheep’s wool. Sheep’s wool not only boasts outstanding acoustic properties, but also has the unique ability to filter the air in the room and lastingly neutralize it. Sheep’s wool is a renewable raw material and is environmentally friendly and recyclable, and is therefore 100-percent sustainable.

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Partitions with magnet
Partitions solitary
Desk elements
On-cabinet elements
Organizational accessories

Partitions fully upholstered with magnetic connection

The highly sound-absorbing Mood Line system walls with a wall thickness of 55 mm with magnetic connection enable flexible wall positions that can be changed at any time. Like the solitaire walls, the system walls with their invisible magnetic connections are always equipped with a powder-coated flat base. Thanks to the cleverly arranged magnets, the walls can be connected to one another in different angular positions and, moreover, by including a flexible connecting post. Mood Line offers architects and planners unprecedented flexibility. This is because wall positions can be changed and repositioned absolutely without tools in no time at all without additional connecting elements.

Whether linear, in L, T or X position Mood Line 55 with magnetic connection assists you in planning and gives you room for creativity. A connection post, powder-coated RAL 7016 anthracite gray or RAL 9006 white aluminum with a diameter of 55 mm, enables free angular positions from 90° bis 270° and provides additional flexibility by reducing the required wall widths. The walls are available in a height up to 1800 mm in 39 standard formats and in addition individually made to measure. The design feature of the version with fully upholstered walls are rounded corners with a radius of 20 mm. Whether with or without a connecting post, which always remains 75 mm below the selected wall height, the partition offer a cosy-soft appearance and yet ensure the best acoustic conditions and soudproofing at the workplace.

Partitions solitary

The highly sound-absorbing Mood Line solitaire walls in the wall thickness 55 mm and alternatively 40 mm, unlike the system walls have no magnetic connectors. Equipped with a powder-coated flat base, the Mood Line solitaire walls are versatile and can also be used as a single wall and individually designed. The walls are available in a height of up to 1800 mm, in 39 standard sizes and moreover individually made to measure. The design features of the version with fully upholstered walls are rounded corners with a radius of 20 mm. These give the elements a homely soft character and a harmonious overall picture.

In the version with the profiles on the inside, the strict angular design of the elements determines the appearance. This objective-strict version, also available in both wall thicknesses (55 mm and 40 mm) offers a wide range of design options for color and material selection. So the inside profile can be coated with the same colour, or regardless of the selected colour and fabric type of walls, with fabric. Elegant and extremely high quality, the version with internal profiles is available in powder coated RAL 7016 anthracite gray and RAL 9006 white aluminum.


Desk elements

Mood Line desk elements are available in 2 different connection variants. As desk attachment element, positioned on the desk flush with the desk trailing edge or alternatively with overhang for attachment on both sides. As well as a behind-desk element with hanging overhang downwards of min. 180 mm. The attachment to the desk is by means of clamp, suitable for plate thickness of 19 to 25 mm. These are available in two powder coatings, anthracite gray RAL 7016 and white aluminum RAL 9006.

The desk mounted elements are available in the heights 480 and 680 mm, the behind-desk elements in the heights 680, 800 and 1000 mm. With 8 standard widths, up to 2000 mm and moreover also in individual customization, can be responded to any desk size and arrangement. Whether Mood Line 55 with a total thickness of 55 mm or Mood Line 40, the desk elements are available in both design versions. Fully upholstered, with rounded corners in a radius of 20 mm or in the rigid angular version with inner fabric profil, alternatively powder-coated.  


On-cabinet elements

Mood Line on-cabinet elements are available in two design versions. Fully upholstered, with rounded corner with a radius of 20 mm or in the rigid angular version with internal profiled material, alternatively powder-coated. Whether in wall thickness 55 mm or 40 mm, positioned on sideboards or on a workbench, they always contribute to a visual and acoustic shielding in the immediate working environment.    

The on-cabinet elements are available in heights 380, 530 and 680 mm. With each of 7 standard widths, up to 2000 mm and in addition also in individual customization, can be responded to any cabinet or desk size and a variety of arrangements.

Organizational accessories

For the necessary order and efficient organization at the workplace, Mood Line offers a comprehensive range of organizational accessories, made of high-quality steel. Easily playable and changeable at any time, filing boards or note boxes, to name only two, are hung on the wall elements. Available in two heights, the carrying handles ensure correct positioning and can be replaced if required. The powder-coated organization accessories are available in RAL shades anthracite gray RAL 7016 and white aluminum RAL 9006.          

The organizational accessories are extensive, from the A4 sheet tray to the pen tray, card and utensil box, (round and square) to the coat hook, test tube holder and a handy brochure and magazine loop.   

Technical data sheets

Room optimization

Room acoustics has become increasingly important in recent years. There are various factors that have a great influence on this matter. First of all the contemporary architecture since the beginning of the classic modernism of the 1930s and the construction physics trends in the 21st century. Furthermore, the high density of jobs, partly in combination with a non-territorial office concept, as well as the desire and the need for open and flexible workplace structures. Depending on the size and condition of the rooms and taking into account the specific type of use, it is important to create optimal acoustic conditions read more ...


Fabrics & materials
Era und Era 170
Lucia CS
Twist und Twist/M
Main Line Flax
Adobo YB165
Madura YB156
Apple YB096
Marianna YB157
Campeche YB301
Steel YB095
Bluebell YB097
Windjammer YB047
Montserrat YB011
Scuba YB089
Martinique YB004
Sombrero YB046
Costa YB026
Ocean YB100
Rum YB086
Oyster YB107
Tarot YB090
Aruba YB093
Slip YB094
Sandstorm YB302
Tortuga YB168
Lobster YB087
Buru YB170
Belize YB105
Blizzard YB108
Tequila YB038
Bridgetown YB102
Calypso YB106
Paseo YB019
Havana YB009
Solano YB088
Calendar CSE19/ERA 170
Futurist CSE01/ERA 170
Occurrence CSE23 NEW/ERA 170
Date CSE24 NEW
Sequence CSE25 NEW
Generation CSE02
Turn CSE26 NEW
Measure CSE27 NEW
Phase CSE17
Cycle CSE06
Span CSE05
History CSE21
Prime CSE09
Extent CSE28 NEW
Experience CSE29 NEW
Transition CSE30 NEW/ERA 170
Analogue CSE33 NEW/ERA 170
Notation CSE36 NEW/ERA 170
Splitsecond CSE31 NEW/ERA 170
Endurance CSE34 NEW
Aeon CSE20/ERA 170
Lifetime CSE03
Period CSE07
Rest CSE37 NEW
Occasion CSE32 NEW
Timelapse CSE16
Everlasting CSE10
Event CSE18
Signature CSE35 NEW
Stage CSE15
Allowance CSE38 NEW/ERA 170
Memo CSE46 NEW
Quota CSE41 NEW/ERA 170
Youth CSE39 NEW
Chapter CSE08
Forecast CSE11/ERA 170
Prompt CSE45 NEW
Perennial CSE12
Range CSE42 NEW/ERA 170
Late CSE43 NEW
Present CSE13
Maturity CSE40 NEW
Elapse CSE44 NEW
Forward CSE14/ERA 170
Runner PS017
Gold PS015
Start PS010
Plunge PS016
Relay PS002
Hurdle PS001
Block PS029
Finish PS011
Ready PS018
Energy PS026
Stretch PS031
Silver PS028
Train PS027
Nutrition PS039
Victory PS032
Speed PS030
Champion PS041
Line PS033
Heat PS038
Exercise PS025
Competitor PS040
Chase PS004
Varadero LC434
Adobo LC165
Rum LC173
Aruba LC108
Medan LC422
Depok LC421
Slip LC094
Kota LC415
Tenom LC419
Blizzard LC081
Panama LC079
Roques LC433
Revive LC182
Negril LC175
Makili LC424
Costa LC026
Havana LC009
Resin EGL04
Chromoly EGL19
Molten EGL09
Ferrous EGL15
Wire EGL03
Tensile EGL20
Forge EGL12
Abraid EGL13
Alloy EGL05
Burnish EGL11
Hemlock EGL34
Copper EGL14
Spark EGL10
Tungsten EGL07
Woodrose EGL33
Deep Clay EGL32
Olive EGL31
Quench EGL23
Solder EGL18
Prime EGL16
Verdigris EGL21
Fuse EGL08
Hammer EGL27
Vitreous EGL01
Galvanise EGL26
Crucible EGL24
Cast EGL25
Twig EGL49
Grey Brindle EGL50
Deep Sea EGL48
Lagoon EGL35
Otter EGL36
Charcoal EGL37
Twist 68120
Twist Melange 68120
Twist 68119
Twist Melange 68119
Twist 68118
Twist Melange 68118
Twist 67004
Twist Melange 67004
Twist 66018
Twist Melange 66018
Twist 65018
Twist Melange 65018
Twist 62066
Twist Melange 62066
Twist 60076
Twist Melange 60076
Twist 60004
Twist Melange 60004
Twist 60011
Twist Melange 60011
Twist 60021
Twist Melange 60021
Twist 60999
Twist Melange 63075
Twist 63075
Twist 63012
Twist Melange 63012
Twist 64013
Twist Melange 64013
Twist 61104
Twist Melange 61104
Twist 61103
Twist Melange 61103
Twist 61102
Twist Melange 61102
Adobo YS165
Aruba YS108
Solano YS072
Tortuga YS168
Sandstorm YS071
Bridgetown YS102
Belize YS105
Lobster YS076
Nougat YS091
Diablo YS101
Panama YS079
Tokara YS136
Tarot YS084
Tobago YS030
Madura YS156
Apple YS096
Rum YS173
Campeche YS074
Parasol YS073
Slip YS094
Lombok YS159
Tonga YS160
Blizzard YS081
Windjammer YS047
Osumi YS171
Krabi YS141
Appledore YS077
Sombrero YS046
Taboo YS045
Bonaire YS172
Padang YS145
Steel YS095
Bluebell YS097
Martinique YS004
Honeymoon YS035
Scuba YS082
Curacao YS005
Ocean YS100
Cayman YS024
Costa YS026
Havana YS009
Atacama ACT01
Capones ACT10
Sahara ACT13
Amalfi ACT02
Petra ACT07
Yosemite ACT14
Halong ACT05
Meteora ACT08
Palenque ACT11
Marrakech ACT03
Zion ACT09
Gorkha ACT12
Cappadocia ACT04
Bamburgh ACT15
Calabria ACT06
Serengeti ACT16
Matterhorn ACT19
Otago ACT25
Catbells ACT17
Como ACT22
Penyghent ACT20
Molokai ACT26
Dolomites ACT28
Jasper ACT21
Lucerne ACT23
Malham ACT29
Patagonia ACT18
Everest ACT27
Galapagos ACT30
Rainer ACT24
Aurora ACT31
Dartmouth CUZ2Q NEW
Stanford CUZ2R NEW
Eynesbury CUZ2W NEW
Fairfield CUZ47
Barlborough CUZ3D NEW
Wesley CUZ82
St Andrews CUZ86
Oriel CUZ18
Barnard CUZ2S NEW
Handcross CUZ63
Goldsmith CUZ39
Trevelyan CUZ31
Magdalene CUZ21
Wellington CUZ13
Kingsmead CUZ67
Holyoke CUZ2T NEW
Edge Hill CUZ90
Penola CUZ2X NEW
Tyndale CUZ2Y NEW
Woodcroft CUZ2Z NEW
Dunhurst CUZ58
Latymer CUZ33
Newport CUZ1L
Aston CUZ02
Ulster CUZ1F
Bryanston CUZ53
Montcrest CUZ3A NEW
Camphill CUZ1K
Cardiff CUZ1N
Abertay CUZ3B NEW
Glasgow CUZ1M
Winchester CUZ12
Hull CUZ1P
Plymouth CUZ1R
Sheffield CUZ1T
Scottsdale CUZ3E NEW
Marymount CUZ3C NEW
Vassar CUZ2U NEW
Manchester CUZ1V
Silverdale CUZ28
Knightsbridge CUZ26
Newcastle CUZ1W
Surrey CUZ1E
Edinburgh CUZ1Y
Aberlour CUZ1J
Silcoates CUZ30
Oxford CUZ09
Glenalmond CUZ62
Bromsgrove CUZ35
Napier CUZ08
Barbican MLF03
Lambeth MLF08
Kensington MLF07
Upminster MLF20
Aldgate MLF01
Leyton MLF13
Finsbury MLF30
Kilburn MLF06
Tooting MLF17
Goldhawk MLF31
Archway MLF02
Parsons MLF14
Morden MLF12
Camden MLF26
Paddington MLF39
Wembley MLF11
Euston MLF04
Bank MLF23
Northfields MLF40
Hillingdon MLF41
Stockwell MLF15
Newbury MLF10
Bayswater MLF24
Bethnal MLF25
Waterloo MLF21
Charing MLF27
Monument MLF09
Highgate MLF33
Westminster MLF22
Tufnell MLF18
Stanmore MLF37
Russell MLF38
Holborn MLF05
Farringdon MLF29
Pimlico MLF34
Victoria MLF19
Temple MLF16
Greenford MLF32
Brompton MLF35
Tower MLF36
Edgware MLF28
Alu Topmatt


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