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In the town of Eberstadt in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, a young family has fulfilled its dream of rural life. The home they have created is exemplary – both in terms of energy consumption and acoustics. Eberstadt lies nestled between vine-covered hillsides and forests, around 12 kilometres from Heilbronn. In this tranquil town of just over 3,000 inhabitants, one young family has fulfilled its dream of designing a new home. The two-storey residence, which was built by building contractor K.B.-Wohnbau, faces southward with expansive windows, so views over the garden and surrounding area are guaranteed. The connection to the garden plays a significant role for the residents. Since both parents work, the kitchen and dining area are particularly important as a social hub. As they form the heart of the home, this zone has been kept spacious and is designed as a bright, open continuum of space. From here, the sliding glazed doors permit easy access to the large terrace, which becomes a “second living room” during the summer. Nevertheless, the lush green of the garden is always visible from the dining table and the centrally positioned kitchen island, so the gaze can rove as far as the tree-lined peak of the hill opposite.

Access to the living room is an easy two steps from the dining area, creating a virtually seamless link to the north-facing part of the house. Soon after the family moved in, it became clear that the many smooth, hard surfaces, the open floorplan and the lack of carpet would be at the expense of the room acoustics. It was difficult to hold conversations even between the dining and living areas. Working with the acoustics experts at AOS, the family decided to integrate various acoustic solutions: A wall absorber mounted in the living room sets a visual tone with its Impressionist-style mountain landscape, while two acoustic partition screens tailored to the color scheme of the interior were also installed. Elegance and dynamism are added by the PUR 12 acoustic tiles, which are positioned in two groups along the staircase wall and are in muted colors in harmony with the floor. Another choice was the colored 3D absorber, which provides for better acoustics on the upper floor. In terms of energy consumption too, the Eberstadt home is state of the art. The lady of the house set up her office within her new home: She is a freelance construction physicist and energy consultant. For the house she chose a combination of air-heating pumps and photovoltaic systems on the roof. Even six years after moving in, the family is still making the most of their modern home and its garden in the evenings and at weekends – and it now meets the highest standard in terms of acoustics, too.

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