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There is always a very dynamic working atmosphere in the call centre. Contrasting interests come together. Concentrated work in the conversations of the individual agents on the one hand.  On the other hand, communication has a high priority, thus work groups form and can lead to high mutual disturbances. Despite dynamic, sometimes downright hectic activity, each employee must be offered not only the necessary communication areas but also a sufficient quiet zone or personal workspace for concentrated work. In addition, there is almost always a high level of confidentiality. The client must be sure that the content of telephone conversations is not inadvertently disclosed to outsiders. 

At the workplaces, these requirements are fulfilled if the groups are sensibly structured, the acoustic walls used have a high level of sound absorption as well as sound insulation and these are combined with appropriate open spaces. Acoustic and visual screening is provided here by flexible room partitioning systems of the highest sound-absorbing quality - relatively low at workplaces for seated activities, higher at workplaces for seated and standing activities.

Brochure 4 Agile Working

Initial situation

Planning example with the following initial situation: Room 9.50 x 10.80 m, room height 2.80 m. One solid wall, 2 lightweight walls (plasterboard) and one glass front. 12_agent and 2 supervisor workstations.

Call centre 1.1

The Silence Line system movable wall makes a decisive contribution to optimising room acoustics and improving sound insulation at the workplace. This acoustic concept is completed with the large ceiling absorbers suspended above the desks, which at the same time create an optimal lighting situation thanks to integrated LEDs. The existing open space with the 2-seater Silence Point Concept sofa, acoustic seating cubes and acoustic cubes suspended above it invites people to talk and briefly exchange experiences.

Call centre 1.2

Silence Line 40 walls with a height of 1400 mm including a 400 mm glass top panel are used. The lateral shielding has been extended and made deeper than the work table depth. An important feature of the sound shielding is that there are no gaps in the linear or right-angled joints. The quiet zone is designed with a Silence Point Concept 2-seater, matching acoustic seating elements & suspended acoustic cubes.

Call centre 2.1

The informal seating group with models from the Silence Point Stream series combine function and modern design with an extra portion of cosiness. What remains hidden to the eye, the wall structure is highly sound-absorbent at its core and thus contributes to good room acoustics. The characteristic of the solid walls of the Prime Line 40 with "centrally increased sound insulation" (Rw = 25dB) and at the same time highly sound-absorbing, supplemented with glass add-on elements without gap dimensions are the supporting foundation of the acoustic concept.

Callc centre 3.1

The fully upholstered and lovingly crafted ceiling absorbers of the Screen50 series (total thickness 50 mm) not only make an important contribution to acoustic room damping, but are also important elements of room design. Furthermore, they prevent inappropriate sound propagation via the raw ceiling. The fully upholstered walls of the Mood Line connect series (55 mm) match this, offering protection and the best acoustic conditions. The design is characterised by rounded corners with a radius of 50 mm at the upper ends. The informal meeting area can be flexibly zoned with movable wall elements from the Mood Line solitaire series.

Call centre 3.2

The Mood Line connect series is particularly convincing in the version with trapezoidal side panels and offers protection and the best acoustic conditions. Attachable glass top panels provide additional sound shielding while maintaining the visual axes. Suspended ceiling absorbers of the Screen50 LED series with integrated downlights ensure an equally optimised lighting situation.

Call centre 4.1

Instead of working with partitions, it is also possible to use the table elements of the Mood Line magnet series. Here in the version with an internal profile - fabric-covered and in contrasting colours. The walls are complemented by the wall absorbers 55/40, also with an internal profile. The AgilityWall and various acoustic seating elements are used in the meeting, creative and break areas. Acoustic cubes suspended above the workstations prevent sound propagation through the raw ceiling and at the same time make a valuable contribution to the room design.

Call centre 5.1

To increase the sound-absorbing effect while maintaining transparency in the immediate working environment, the Silence Line series offers the use of glass add-on elements. Suspended ceiling absorbers of the Screen50 LED series optimise the room acoustics and at the same time the working environment is optimally illuminated via the integrated LED downlights. Whether it is a work island, meeting point or quiet zone, Silence Point WorkBench always presents itself as an eye-catcher with a sovereignty bordering on serenity. Extremely space-saving, it can also be used in the immediate vicinity of lively and restless zones thanks to the best acoustic values in terms of sound absorption and sound shielding.


Room optimization

Room acoustics has become increasingly important in recent years. There are various factors that have a great influence on this matter. First of all the contemporary architecture since the beginning of the classic modernism of the 1930s and the construction physics trends in the 21st century. Furthermore, the high density of jobs, partly in combination with a non-territorial office concept, as well as the desire and the need for open and flexible workplace structures. Depending on the size and condition of the rooms and taking into account the specific type of use, it is important to create optimal acoustic conditions read more ...


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